Difference Between Debit Card vs Credit Card Fees for Merchants

Debit card vs credit card fees for merchants

Debit cards and credit cards have become the most common way for people to pay for goods and services. Roughly 85% for all transactions are through debit cards or credit cards. Therefore, it is generally recommended that merchants accept both credit cards and debit cards to provide their customers with a range of payment options. […]

What is Level 3 Processing in Payments

What is level 3 payment processing in payments

Level 3 payment processing is a term used in credit card processing that refers to a deeper level of transaction data being transmitted to the payment processor. This type of processing is designed to provide additional information to the processor to help reduce processing costs and minimize the risk of fraud and chargebacks. In this […]

How Long Does it Take to Get Funds in Credit Card Processing?

How long does credit card funding taking in payment processing

Credit card processing is an essential part of modern business operations. As more customers choose to pay with credit cards, merchants need to understand how credit card processing works and how long it takes to receive funds from credit card transactions. The time it takes to receive funds from credit card processing can vary depending […]

How Interac and Debit Cards Work in Canada

How Interac and debit cards work in Canada

Interac is a Canadian-based interbank network allowing customers to access their funds through ATMs, point-of-sale terminals (POS), and sometimes online shopping. It is a non-profit organization owned by the banks and credit unions in Canada, which ensures the security and reliability of all transactions processed through Interac. Interac was first introduced in 1984, and since […]

What Documents and Information are Needed to get a Merchant Account?

What Documents and Information is Needed to get a Merchant Account?

Securing a merchant account is a crucial step for businesses that want to accept credit card payments from their customers. The process of getting approved for a merchant account requires the submission of various documents that serve as proof of your business identity, financial stability, and compliance with industry standards.  Not all payment processors provide […]

An Overview of Payment Processing Partnerships

An overview of payment partnerships in credit card processing

A payment processing partnership is a business relationship between two companies that enables them to offer payment processing services to their customers. Payment processing is the handling of electronic transactions between buyers and sellers. It involves the authorization, capture, and settlement of payments for goods or services purchased by consumers. Payment processing also includes all […]

Credit Card Processing for the Heating and HVAC Industry

HVAC and heating credit card processing

The heating and HVAC industry is one of the essential service providers and is a multi-billion dollar industry. Whether it is to install new equipment or to fix an existing system, HVAC professionals are in high demand. With the advent of new technologies, HVAC companies are now more customer-friendly than ever before. One of the […]

How do Debit Cards Work?

How debit cards work

Debit cards have had a steady evolution from the early days of electronic funds transfer to the widely accepted payment method we know today. Debit cards have become a popular choice for consumers looking for a convenient and secure way to make payments, without the potential for high-interest credit card debt.  Roughly 40% of transactions […]

Difference Between a Merchant Account and an Aggregator Account

Difference Between a Merchant Account and an Aggregator Account

When it comes to accepting online payments, businesses have two main options: a merchant account and an aggregator account. Both these options provide the necessary tools to accept payments like credit cards and debit cards, but they operate in very different ways. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the differences between a […]

Online Payment Processing Companies

Online Payment Processing Companies

Online payment processing companies are businesses that facilitate electronic payments for goods and services over the internet. This can be with computers, laptops, mobile phones, or any connected devices. Online payment processors offer a secure and convenient way for businesses to accept payments from customers all over the world. Online payment processing companies typically offer […]