Improve patient experience and lower your cost with payment processing solutions for healthcare

Managing healthcare payment processing for doctors, dentists, and therapists can be complex. We understand the challenges of balancing good patient care with strong business performance.



Protect patient payment data

Our healthcare solution incorporates chip card devices, encryption and tokenization technology to help protect card data from the moment a transaction begins.


Patient payment automation

Our healthcare solution automates payment collections so you can spend more time caring for your patients and less time worrying about getting paid.


Collect more with less effort

Get paid faster, with less effort. Easily set up recurring payment plans and download electronic statements. Post to your accounting system for accurate reconciliation.

Flexible in-person payment methods including contactless options

Our carefully selected line of payment terminals allow you to easily and securely process payments. Low cost rental options put any model in your reach. A virtual terminal option removes the need for special payment hardware. Use any computer or tablet browser. All equipped with powerful security so sensitive cardholder and transaction data is secured. 

Dentist payments
Ingenico iCT 250 Payment Terminal

Credit card terminals

Terminals allow swipe, tap, Apple Pay, or chip-and-pin payments. They can integrate into practice management software and are available on low cost rental programs.

Virtual Terminal by TRC-Parus

Virtual terminal

No hardware needed. The virtual terminal lets you turn your computer into a credit card terminal. This is the fastest and easiest way to take payments.

Virtual terminal with credit card swiper

Virtual terminal with swiper

An optional swiper plugs into your computer. Patients can swipe their credit card to increase speed, minimize contact, and lower interchange fees.

Convenience for patients with a self-serve hosted payment page that's fully branded

Give utmost flexibility to your patients by allowing them to pay remotely from their home over their computer or mobile device. A branded hosted payment page on your website gives you the ability to accept payments at any time. Once the payment is complete, a branded email receipt is sent to the patient.

Hosted payment pages
"I’ve been looking into ways I can save on costs in my practice. I came across a company in Canada called TRC-Parus, through a dentist friend. They offer transparent fees and monthly subscription costs or cost plus depending on what is most beneficial for the business. It will save me about $400 a month!"
- Dentist

Send email invoices or create payment plans for patients

Create invoices and payment plans in seconds. The invoicing system lets you manage your patients and their payments quickly and simply. Store customer patient information, automatically send reminders, and be notified of overdue payments. Payment plans lets you create automatic recurring payments on customized schedules.

Take payments over the phone

The virtual terminal and credit card terminals easily support taking payments over the phone. With a few clicks, you are taking payments securely. The virtual terminal lets you securely store patient contact information and credit card numbers to speed up the payment process for repeat patients. Custom branded receipts maintain the brand of your practice.

Built for the healthcare industry

Canada's first membership plan for payments that lowers your payment processing cost

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