Cannabis Payment Processing and Merchant Services

Complete credit card processing for cannabis producers, dispensaries, CBD merchants, and nutraceutical merchants in Canada.

Built for Regulated Cannabis Merchants


Online and storefront medical & recreational marijuana dispensaries across Canada.

Licensed Producers

Licensed producer that possess a license to grow, harvest, dry, trim, cure, and package cannabis.

CBD Merchants

Online and storefront licensed CBD merchants across Canada.

Naturopath Merchants

Naturopath, or naturopathic, merchants that employ alternative medicine.

Cannabis credit card processing for any type of payments

We offer full set of cannabis payment processing methods including online payments, invoicing, payment terminals, mobile payments, phone and IVR payments, integrations, and more. All connected in one payment platform with deep data management and analytics.

Omni commerce payments with TRC-Parus

A full selection of ways to accept payments

Cannabis merchants can accept cards from anywhere in the world and funds are deposited into your bank account within 24 hours.

EMV Payment Terminal with TRC-Parus

Tap-and-go payments for credit cards and mobile devices are fully supported.

TRC-Parus is continually evolving its products and payment technology portfolio for the cannabis industry. Contactless payments, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, NFC payments, and new customer experiences are some of the areas we are innovating.

24/7 mission critical support service and terminal exchanges

World class security, fraud detection, and PCI management for cannabis

We ensure your payment data is secure. Our payments security solutions defend sensitive credit card data with three layers: EMV, encryption, and tokenization. We authenticate cardholder identity and make data useless to fraudsters. We reduce your time spent on Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.
Payment security with TRC-Parus
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Why wait? Start your cannabis credit card processing today.

The more options you provide your customers to pay, the faster your business will grow. Start processing with TRC-Parus today.