Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal for Payment Processing

Turn your computer, laptop, or iPad into a secure payment terminal with your internet browser. Anywhere, anytime. 


The Virtual Terminal

New payment with virtual terminal by TRC-Parus

A virtual terminal is one of the easiest ways to accept credit cards whether you are in-person or on the phone. With a few clicks, you are taking payments securely. 

No extra hardware is needed. You just need a computer, laptop, or tablet. There is an optional USB computer swiper so you don’t need to manually enter card numbers when customers are with you.


Simple and secure credit card processing

Accepting credit cards couldn’t be easier with the virtual terminal. A smart solution for businesses
that take payments in person or over the phone.

Start taking payments
in minutes

There is no need to wait for hardware. You can start taking payments in minutes with the virtual terminal. All you need is your existing computer to accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and more.

Easily store customer, credit card, and transaction data

Customer profiles and credit card data for repeat customers is securely stored. Full security with PCI compliance and ready to help grow your business.

Conduct refunds or even scheduled recurring payments

The virtual terminals lets you conduct credit card authorizations, refunds, and even schedule recurring billing payments or installments.

Accept credit cards from anywhere in the world. Funds get deposited directly into your bank account in less than 24 hours, increasing your cash flow.

You can use your existing business bank account from any bank or credit union. Funds are
directly deposited, whether your funds are in USD or Canadian currency.

Swipe credit cards with an optional USB credit card swiper for faster payments

When customers are in front of you, fast payments means a great experience. A USB credit card swiper can plug directly into your computer. Just swipe the credit card for fast and secure data entry. There is no need to manually enter credit card numbers if you don’t want to.

Virtual Terminal with credit card swiper

Lower your payment processing rates with the TRC-Parus virtual terminal.

Our mission is to drive down the cost of accepting credit card payments. No business should be paying too much for credit card processing.

Easily design receipts with the receipt builder

You can control your colors, logo, and layout of your receipts that works with your brand. 

The virtual terminal emails receipts to your customers and can also be sent to your finance department for reconciliation. If you prefer, you can integrate your own receipt builder if you have one.

Cheapest payment processing

Start accepting credit card payments with the virtual terminal today.

There’s no expensive equipment to purchase. Use a device you already own, connect to the internet, and you’re ready to take payments.