Dear questioners, MBAs without MBAs, action takers, good hearts, future leaders: we want you at TRC-Parus!

TRC-Parus is making a difference by helping businesses, both large and small, improve their payment system. Our happy customers tell it all. Our mission is to drive down the cost for merchants to accept payments. Period. Our vision is a world where payments are free, immediate, global, and frictionless.

Full security in payment processing with TRC-Parus

Life at TRC-Parus

We’re a super friendly, genuine group. We always put our customers first and want everyone at TRC-Parus to do the same. We do that by taking really good care of our people. Happy employees means happy customers. We have great benefits, profit sharing, fun events, and all the things you would expect from a values-based organization. We go even further. Work from anywhere you want and take as much vacation as you need. We put focus on innovation and learning, allowing people to participate in our “start-up fund” to test out new business ideas that bring value to our customers.

Learning at TRC-Parus

Learning is the unit measure of success​

At TRC-Parus, you get to learn. Whether this is your first stint in business or you're a seasoned executive, everyone needs to continue to learn. Without learning, growth will stagnate. Learn from your successes, learn from your failures.

Opportunity TRC-Parus

Opportunity is knocking

Dive into different areas of business: finance, marketing, is possible, even expected to become knowledgeable of all the functions of a business. We help you get there. And this breadth of knowledge helps you help our customers.

Question deeply at TRC-Parus

Question deeply, understand deeply​

See something not connecting? Question it. Asking the Five Whys gets you close to the essence of existence. Always mine for the essence. That's when you become enlightened. This independent thinking is something we love at TRC-Parus.


Friendliness goes a long way​

It might feel corny, but friendliness is one of the most simple things you can do to build lasting relationships. Think of others, empathize, be honest, and go out of your way to help. With friendliness, you get happy employees and happy customers.


Our team values


Super friendly

Friendliness is a simple gift, a way of being, that goes a long way


Straight up

Tell it like it is and don’t let things linger

Lightning bolt

Bias for action

Keep it moving forward, when in doubt, do it



No matter who you are, you always have something to learn


Independent thinkers

Don’t be afraid to go against the grain and look from new perspectives


Radical honesty

Always tell the truth, even when it’s hard


We don’t have a specific position open, but we’re always looking for great people. To apply to TRC-Parus, please email

For a little more information about TRC-Parus, we don’t have a lot of time for egos and like to think of ourselves as a pretty “flat” organization. We believe in collaboration and expect that everyone in the company works in unison regardless of title. We all like to roll up our sleeves and just get stuff done. At the end of the day it’s all about our customers. However, we can’t focus on customer experience without first prioritizing our employees!

We have benefits, profit sharing, fun events, all the things you would expect from a top-notch employer. We go even further. Work from anywhere you want, take as much vacation as you need (we need you to take at least 3 weeks though, we all need a break sometimes). Participate in our “start-up fund” (a really cool program to help fund, nurture and incubate great business ideas from our employees). 

If all this sounds intriguing, reach out and tell us why we should talk! Don’t be shy to get creative, we’d love to hear from you!