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Take transactions to any corner of your business, whether you are in your office, store, or in the field. Accept all credit cards and debit cards globally with contactless or mobile-wallet payments. 

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The Best Payment Terminals

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The Ingenico Desk 5000 credit card machine with a built in receipt printer is ideal for traditional storefronts and offices or anywhere your clients pay in person. The Desk 5000 connects with Ethernet and also offers Bluetooth and WiFi. Features include a large 3.5-inch touchscreen and the ability to run interactive business apps that help you manage operations.

The Ingenico Move 5000 mobile credit card machine with integrated receipt printer replaces the Ingenico iWL 250. If you need a payment terminal that is completely mobile, this is the one for you. This works well for deliveries, pop-up shops, food trucks, taxis, and other mobile workers. The Move 5000 features a touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G/LTE wireless coverage in the field.

Smart Payment Terminal: Newland N910

The Newland N910 smart payment terminal is compact and ergonomic with a unique non-slip design on the back.

It has a colour touch screen for ease of use. It has full card payment capabilities with barcode and QR code scanning, sound wave payment, tap to purchase, chip and PIN, and magnetic swipe.

It includes wireless 4G Support, wifi connectivity, fast printing, a large printer paper roll. It’s ideal for retail and restaurants.

Smart Payment Terminal: Poynt

The Poynt smart credit card terminal has created a new standard of impeccable payment experiences for retailers and customers. Smart, sophisticated and easy to use, it’s designed to grow with your business. Poynt is a great option for new, established and growing retail stores, pop-up shops, and professional and personal services businesses. Restaurants also find Poynt a great fit for both counter-pay as well as pay-at-the-table transactions.

Smart Payment Terminal: Clover Flex

The Clover Flex point of sale (POS) and credit card machine is a full-featured device that accepts any type of payment: credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay and more. 

Clover Flex is mobile so it is designed to give you ultimate flexibility anywhere you are whether at the counter or on the go. 

Clover is packed with modern feature that can connect to several other hardware options for a larger point-of-sale system. 

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The more credit card payment options you provide your customers, the more your business will grow

Accepting credit card and debit card payments will help you grow your business. If you accept payments face-to-face, a traditional payment terminal is a great way to start. Card present transactions is one of the most affordable ways to accept credit card payments.

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Using credit card terminals allows you to accept card present transactions which is one of the most cost effective ways to accept credit card payments.


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We offer the newest Ingenico credit card terminals that work for your business. No matter the type of business, we have a payment terminal that works best for you.


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