Fuse Financial and TRC-Parus Partner to Simplify Small Business Finances

Fuse Financial and TRC-Parus partner

Calgary, Alberta – September 1, 2023 – Fuse Financial and TRC-Parus are thrilled to announce that they will be working together to make credit card payments more affordable and accessible to small businesses across Canada. This collaboration merges TRC-Parus’ cutting-edge payment tech with Fuse Financial’s user-friendly invoicing platform, enabling businesses to effortlessly create, send, and track invoices while enjoying lightning-fast payment processing. What’s in it for small business owners? The convenience of three payment options in one “Pay Now” button and cost savings on credit card transactions due to our competitive rates.

Chris Farmer, CEO of TRC-Parus, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Fuse Financial to provide businesses with an all-in-one payment and invoicing solution. This partnership is a game-changer in the fintech industry.”

Through this collaboration, businesses can securely accept payments through various channels, including credit cards, bank transfers, and e-Transfers, all within Fuse Financial’s invoicing tool. Integrated credit card processing ensures low fees, speedy deposits, and outstanding customer service. Additionally, Fuse Financial’s invoicing system seamlessly connects to business bank accounts, making reconciliation easy and reducing administrative workload.

Jeffrey Smith, CEO of DC Bank, added, “We’re excited to work with TRC-Parus. Together, we’ll help businesses streamline their finances, manage payments, and grow. Our customers can also access integrated accounting, payroll, and corporate cards.”

Aamna Zia, Co-founder and CEO of Fuse Financial noted, “We’re thrilled to team up with TRC-Parus to offer credit card payment which is easily accessible and affordable. From easily signing up on the Fuse Financial platform to seamlessly accessing different payment options while invoicing your customers, our mission has always been to simplify payment processing for businesses, and this partnership takes us one step closer to that goal. By combining TRC-Parus’ payment technology with Fuse Financial’s comprehensive financial management tools, we make sure businesses get paid faster. Together, we’re making financial management easier, more cost-effective, and more accessible than ever before.”

This partnership represents a significant step in simplifying financial operations for small businesses seeking improved payment processing, banking, and invoicing solutions.

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For more information about Fuse Financial and TRC-Parus: 

About Fuse Financial: 

Fuse Financial is on a mission to help small businesses save time and money.  Through its comprehensive financial technology solutions, it offers businesses a streamlined approach to banking, invoicing, accounting, payroll management, corporate cards, and expense management in a single platform. Learn more at Fuse Financial. 

About TRC-Parus: 

TRC-Parus is an award-winning payment processor dedicated to reducing the cost for organizations to accept credit cards. Focusing on delivering end-to-end payment solutions for software platforms, medium to large merchants, and businesses looking to create a revenue stream from payments, TRC-Parus is committed to the vision of a world where payments are immediate, free, global, and frictionless. Find out more at TRC-Parus.  


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