Which Industries are Adopting Credit Cards the Fastest in 2023?

Which Industries are Adopting Credit Cards the Fastest in 2023?

Credit card processing is becoming more ubiquitous across various industries as cashless payment methods become increasingly popular. However, some industries are adopting credit card processing at a faster pace than others.

Some merchants or industries are still slow to accept credit cards for several reasons. Some are concerned about high transaction fees. Credit card companies charge merchants a percentage fee on each transaction, typically around 2-3% of the purchase amount. This fee can be difficult for businesses with low profit margins.

There are merchants that are concerned about fraud risk. There are some industries that may have a higher risk of fraudulent transactions, such as online retailers or businesses that operate in high-risk areas. Merchants may choose to avoid accepting credit cards to minimize their exposure to potential fraud losses.

A few industries have difficulty getting a merchant account due to regulation. Industries such as gambling or gaming may be subject to additional regulations or restrictions on credit card payments.

However, there has been a drastic increase in credit card use globally. Most industries find the benefits outweigh the risk and costs. They find that accepting credit cards is convenient for customers, their sales increase, cash flow is improved, and accounting is easier. Here are a few industries that are adopting credit card processing the fastest.

Online shopping and eCommerce

With the growth of online shopping, e-commerce businesses are adopting credit card processing at a rapid pace. Online stores and marketplaces rely heavily on electronic payments to complete transactions with customers across the globe.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry is also adopting credit card processing quickly, as more customers prefer to pay with credit cards at restaurants and cafes. Many food and beverage businesses are also adopting contactless payment methods to provide a more convenient and hygienic payment experience for customers.


Retail businesses are adopting credit card processing rapidly as they try to keep up with the competition and provide more payment options for customers. With the growth of mobile payment options and digital wallets, retail businesses are also investing in contactless payment terminals to provide a seamless and convenient payment experience.


The transportation industry, including ride-sharing services and public transportation is adopting credit card processing rapidly. Mobile payment options are becoming more popular for transportation services, allowing customers to pay for rides with their smartphones or mobile payment apps.


Healthcare providers are also adopting credit card processing quickly, as patients increasingly prefer to pay for medical bills and services electronically. Many healthcare providers are also adopting digital payment methods to reduce administrative costs and provide a more convenient payment experience for patients.

In Summary

Industries that are adopting credit card processing the fastest in 2023 include e-commerce, food and beverage, retail, transportation, and healthcare. As electronic payment options become more popular and customers demand more payment choices, credit card processing will continue to grow and evolve across a wide range of industries.


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