Point of Sale Matters for Customer Experience

Shopping with TRC-Parus and omnichannel commerce

Global ecommerce is booming. People are completely comfortable making purchases on their computers or mobile phones. Some would think the aging population stays away from online shopping, but that is not further from the truth. They are some of the highest growth adopters of online shopping.

It’s not only the large chains that are embracing the online movement. It’s many of the local merchants that are leading the charge. They enable access to online inventory for easy planning, ordering ahead of time to minimize time, curbside pickup so customers don’t even need to enter the store, local delivery so customers don’t need to leave the house, and many more innovative models. 

Experience is enhanced by omnichannel payments

Omnichannel is simply about having multiple (omni) ways for people to shop (channels). The most innovative and pleasing experience for shopping is when your customers can choose the way they want to shop.

It may sound overwhelming to offer mobile access to your store or up-to-date inventory on your website, but there are many simple and inexpensive tools to help you do that. TRC-Parus has helped hundreds of merchants deliver online, in-store, and mobile shopping experiences.

When customers have the ability to shop the way they want, they feel more comfortable to spend and they are much more likely to return.

The point-of-sale (POS) is an incredibly important part of the experience. Understanding your customers’ payment preferences is critical. The demand for contactless payments, whether through a credit card or mobile wallet, has been huge for shoppers. Being able to support key payment methods, and having the flexibility to add on new payment methods, is one key advantage that TRC-Parus can provide.

A omnichannel point of sale brings better insight

Unlike traditional POS systems, we help you you capture insights on your customers in-store and online. In a single platform, you’re able to see your physical store transactions, mobile transactions, and web transactions. This gives you a better understanding of your customers’ preferences so you can adapt. The critical component of a good POS system is that it can evolve to your business and customer needs as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

With TRC-Parus, transactions aren’t simply line items in a spreadsheet. Modern POS terminals let you capture insights on your physical storefront customers and combine them with transactions online and in-app all in one platform. This gives you a complete and unified view of your business.


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