Social Distancing: Let your customers pay by credit card while remote

Make a credit card payment

Businesses are working remotely. The remote working trend is only increasing, especially during the COVID-19 crisis the world is experiencing. It is becoming more important to let customers pay remotely.

We’ve been helping many businesses get set up to take credit card payments while they are working from home or remote offices. These businesses have found that many customers don’t want to come into an office or retail outlet to pay. Their customers wanted to pay remotely.

To get remote payments set up, it’s much faster and simpler than you may think. To explain things further, there are two common ways businesses are accepting remote payments from customer.

Take credit card payments over the phone

The first way to take remote credit card payments is by phone. This simply means that you deal with your customers over the phone. They tell you their credit card number and you run the payment from your computer (or phone).Virtual Terminal

In this scenario, you use what is called a Virtual Terminal. There is no hardware. You simply log into our secure payment tool then fill in a short order form with the customer’s name and credit card information. You click “pay” and then we process the payment. It’s that simple. Payment are secure and fast. You’ll then have the money deposited directly into your bank in less than 24 hours.

If you want to get more advanced, you can easily collect other information such as an invoice number or any other custom field you wish. You can also store credit card numbers for repeat customers or recurring payments (i.e. continual payments on a set schedule).

Our systems take care of all the security elements. You can just focus on your business and customer service.

Put a credit card payment page on your website

The next common way to take remote credit card payments is to have a payment page on your site.

Credit Card Payment PageYour customers would go to your website and enter their credit card information themselves. Payment pages are incredibly easy to set up. We can walk you through the process or even do the setup for you.

Typically, a business would have a page such as The design uses your logos and colours for a seamless experience. You can choose which fields in the form are needed for your business. Custom branded receipts are automatically sent to your customers.

Payment pages offer full flexibility to your customers because they can make payments from anywhere, right from their computer or mobile phone at anytime. 


More payment options exist

If you wish to offer full ecommerce or an online store, that is of course available. We easily integrate with all the common website and ecommerce platforms like WordPress or Woocommerce.

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