The Simplest Way to Add eCommerce to your Website

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Online shopping and eCommerce is quickly becoming the new normal. Consumers have started to comfortably make purchases online from their computers or mobile devices. All the large retailers have deployed online shopping. It’s imperative that the medium and smaller businesses maximize their online exposure to compete. Thankfully, adding eCommerce to your website is simple and inexpensive. 

It's simple to add eCommerce to your website

The best path is to gradually add eCommerce and online payments to your website. There is no need to do a full website redesign. There is no need to spend many thousands of dollars on developers. TRC-Parus has made eCommerce fast simple with hosted payment pages.

A hosted payment page is a payment form that allows a consumer to add their contact information and credit card information to make a payment. The simple part of a hosted payment page is that TRC-Parus will host the payment page for you. We ensure your payment page is branded to your business with your logo and colours. Even the emails that are sent with the receipts are branded to your business. We take care of it all. No programming is necessary.

The hosted payment page allows you to accept payments in USD or CAD currencies and all the major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Union Pay, American Express, JCB, and more. This is by far the fastest and simplest way to get eCommerce on your website.

Ready for mobile and desktop eCommerce

The use of mobile devices has grown to the point where more than 40% of online shopping is done with mobile devices. Mobile compatibility is critical for a good customer experience. The TRC-Parus hosted payment page is ready to accept payments whether your customers are on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. These form factors are automatically supported without any necessary work from you.

Grow and customize your eCommerce experience

Once you’ve started to successfully accept online payments with a hosted payment page, you may want to think about scaling the functionality. This does mean a bit more planning and development, but it also lets you fully control the eCommerce customer experience. TRC-Parus will also help you with this as you grow.

Here are some example features for scaling or customizing your eCommerce business:

You can deploy these types of eCommerce features over time. It’s best practice to start small first, then scale when you get to fully understand your customers’ online spending habits.

Minimal cost and effort for eCommerce

To get going, TRC-Parus will walk you through the full process. You will get the lowest cost online payment processing in Canada, the friendliest service, and no locked-in contracts. There are a couple options for pricing, which we can walk you through. 

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Simple and low cost eCommerce payments.


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