Using Hosted Payment Pages for Online Credit Card Processing

Hosted Payment Pages for Online Shopping in Canada

Implementing a hosted payment page is a simple way to offer your customers a safe and convenient way to make online payments while keeping your website secure. Sometimes people refer to hosted payment pages as checkout pages. Either way, they make it easy to accept credit cards online.

What is a Hosted Payment Page

A hosted payment page is a checkout page that is hosted by your payment processor instead of being hosted as the same place as your website. This means when a customer is on your site and clicks “buy now”, that checkout page comes from your payment processor’s server. After the sale is complete, your customers are automatically redirected back to your website for a seamless experience.

Benefits of a Hosted Payment Page

The main benefits of a hosted payment page is that they they are very secure and they are easy to set up.

PCI compliance is a set of standards which all merchants that accept credit cards must follow. The more complex your payment systems are and the more credit card information you store yourself, the deeper your PCI compliance tasks will be.

By using a hosted payment page, you will drastically reduce the scope of your PCI compliance. This is because all of your sensitive customer data and payment information doesn’t pass through your website. Your payment processor takes care of all that in a hosted payment page. 

Hosted payment pages are also very easy to set up. Your payment processor will likely have a web tool that you can log in and create your own hosted payment pages, self-serve. This will allow you to set up the look and feel of your checkout page. All of this can generally be done in fifteen minutes.

How to Create a Hosted Payment Page

The first step in creating a hosted payment page is to get a merchant account. Our recommendation when choosing a payment processor is to focus on their service level. The main things are to check are 1) do they have merchant-friendly contracts which don’t lock you in, and 2) can easily get customer support when you want it.

You may be tempted to focus on the features of the hosted payment page to choose a payment processor, however the truth is that most hosted payment page software is pretty similar. They all offer the same basic features. Getting stuck with a locked-in contract or poor service is the primary thing you want to avoid.

Once you have a merchant account, you will get online access to a payment gateway. Within the payment gateway, there will be a wizard of some sort to create your page. You’ll be able to add the fields and parameters you want such as price, taxes, description, etc. After you have the basic page set up, you’ll be able to customize the colours, logo, and layout so that it matches your brand.

When your hosted payment page is set up, you will get a URL that you can link customers to from your website. Watch the video below for an overview on how to customize a hosted payment page.

Video on Customizing a Hosted Payment Page

Why People Choose TRC-Parus

TRC-Parus believes that no merchant should be paying 3% to 6% of all their hard-earned sales to credit card companies. It shouldn’t be complicated to know how much it costs to accept payments. Credit card processing should be simple and transparent. We pass through interchange and bank fees at wholesale and use a transparent pricing model so you always know your fees. 

We earn our customers’ trust with every transaction and interaction by being highly available with incredible customer support. There is no need for locked-in contracts and needless cancellation fees. You are free to switch anytime. 

When you take a credit card payment, we deliver super fast deposits directly into your bank in less than one day. Our payment technology and credit card machines from world class payment providers complete more than 3 billion transactions per year with over one million merchants. It’s proven, secure, and it simply works.

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