WordPress payment processing made easy

WordPress can easily accept credit card payments with a single payment page or full online store

WordPress is the most common content management systems for business. Everything from small businesses to large enterprises use WordPress. There are over 450 million websites that use WordPress.

TRC-Parus has put significant effort to ensure that businesses can easily integrate credit card payments into their online experience. Secondly, TRC-Parus has become the lowest cost payment processor for WordPress.

WordPress payment page

For simple online businesses or service providers, a payment page is the fastest way to get up and running. This is a single page, sometimes called a hosted payment page, that has a single form to collect customer information. The form can collect any custom information such as customer details, invoice number, customer ID, and of course credit card information.

WordPress online store

Online stores generally need to show many products with variations of colours, sizes, shapes, and brands. TRC-Parus ensures you can easily manage your online store so your operations are as simple as possible. 

One of the most common methods is the TRC-Parus integration with WooCommerce and WordPress. This is the simplest and most cost effective manner to run online payments.

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