Lower Your Payment Processing Cost

TRC-Parus is the lowest cost payment processor in Canada. Get end-to-end credit card processing with online payments, credit card machines, mobile payments, and more.

Our mission is to drive down the cost for merchants to accept payments. Period.

We’re racing prices to the bottom and offering complete transparency on how we operate as a payment processor.

We are the first payment processor to adopt a model of radical transparency, something the industry desperately needs. In the end, we provide the full payment processing solution to small and large businesses. We believe nobody should be paying 2.9% and wait days to get their funds. 

Join the vision for a world where payments are free, immediate, global, and frictionless.

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Get the lowest priced, simplest and most convenient way to accept credit card payments. TRC-Parus is a British Columbia payment processor that aims to be the friendliest payment processor on Earth.

“TRC-Parus saved me money on payment processing fees and helped me along the way. I thought I had good rates until I switched my merchant account. Thankfully I was up and running within 2 days. Everything worked out as expected.”

– TRC-Parus Customer

I’ve been looking into ways I can save on costs in my practice. I came across a company in Vancouver, Canada called TRC-Parus, through a dentist friend. They offer transparent fees and monthly subscription costs or cost plus depending on what is most beneficial for the business. It will save me about $400 a month!

Why Us?

Why people switching to TRC-Parus

We believe that the cost to accept credit card payments is too high. Our customers believe in our mission to lower payment processing costs, eventually to zero. 

Lowest payment processing fees. Period.

We pass interchange fees at wholesale and use transparent pricing models. Our low cost structure allows us to pass those incredible savings to customers.

No locked-in contracts. Ever.

We earn our customers’ trust with every transaction and interaction. No need for binding contracts and needless cancellation fees.

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Full transparency. Always.

We chose the name TRC-Parus for a reason. No hidden fees, no complicated terms. We believe in radical honesty and transparency.
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Get your funds in less than a day

We offer super fast deposits (even same day funding) and can get you signed up and onboarded as soon as within a couple hours.
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Payment technology that works

Our payment technology from world class payment providers completes more than 3 billion transactions per year with over one million merchants. It’s proven, it’s secure and it just works.


A membership plan with wholesale rates

We are one of the first payment processors to offer a simple membership pricing model or you can choose our simple, affordable cost plus pricing. Either way, you save.

We believe Canadian merchants are paying way too much. Join the mission to get the lowest payment processing fees forever.

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