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Smile Innovations Group & TRC-Parus Take Payment Processing to the Next Level

Smile Innovations Group and TRC-Parus work together to deliver fast, secure, and low-cost credit card processing.

A Background on Smile Innovations Group

Smile Innovations Group is Canada’s leading dental lab network focused on dental laboratory acquisitions. Smile Innovations Group conducts dental laboratory acquisitions, consolidation and the development of dental products and services. 

Established in 2018, the management of Smile Innovations Group offers extensive experience and success in the operational management of large-scale businesses and continually seeks out additional opportunities to add to their growing portfolio of companies. It was co-founded by Manny Padda, Executive Chairman and Donald Park, CEO.

A core value that Smile Innovations Group brings is expertise in management bringing economies of scale to all the dental labs under the Smile umbrella. This ranges across all business disciplines from human resources and talent acquisition to procuring equipment and real estate. 

“At Smile Innovations Group, we were looking into ways we can improve the payment experience across our dentist labs. TRC-Parus offers innovative payment products, low fees, and world-class customer service. This is exactly what we needed to continue to grow our dental network.”

The Challenge

There were several challenges that Smile Innovations Group had with their payment processing. The challenges were 1) high fees, 2) a fragmented payment experience, and 3) poor customer service from their current payment processor.

High Fees

It is common in the payment processing world to pay high fees. Many merchants will pay in the 3% to 6% range plus transaction costs. In addition, the fact that statements are quite difficult to analyze makes it possible for many organizations to not know they are paying these high fees. Smile Innovations Group needed the best fees so they can scale.

Fragmented Payment Experience

Dental businesses like Smile Innovations need a payment system that is fast and flexible. Smile Innovations needed the ability to invoice their customers with flexible payment options. Their customers span the country, so creating a fast, convenient, and secure online payment page is critical, in addition to in-person payment options. The fact that customers didn’t have all the payment options at their disposal made the experience cumbersome. This needed to be fixed.

Poor Customer Service

The last payment processor was very difficult to get a hold of. It resulted in us having to spend endless hours waiting on the phone line to get basic help. Poor customer service is common in the payment processing industry. Smile Innovations Group needed a payment processor that was easy to get a hold of by phone or email. 

The Payment Solutions

Smile Innovations Group chose TRC-Parus for its low rates, flexible payment solutions, and exceptional customer support.

Flexible in-person payment with contactless options

The carefully selected line of payment terminals allowed Smile Innovations Group to easily and securely process payments. A virtual terminal option removes the need for special payment hardware with the use of any computer or tablet browser to take payments. All terminals are equipped with powerful security so customer data is secured. 

Dentist payments

Send email invoices or create payment plans for customers

Smile Innovations Group can now create invoices and payment plans in seconds. The invoicing system lets us manage customers and their payments quickly and simply. We can store customer information, automatically send reminders, and be notified of overdue payments. Payment plans lets us create automatic recurring payments on customized schedules.

Convenience for customers to pay anytime with a fully branded hosted payment page

Smile Innovations Group now has utmost flexibility by allowing customers to pay remotely from their home over their computer or mobile device. A Smile-branded hosted payment page on the website gives the ability to accept payments at any time. Once the payment is complete, a branded email receipt is sent to the customer.

Hosted payment pages

Take payments over the phone

The virtual terminal and credit card terminals easily support taking payments over the phone. With a few clicks, we are taking payments securely. The virtual terminal lets us securely store customer contact information and credit card numbers to speed up the payment process for repeat customers. Custom branded receipts maintain the brand of your business.

Lowest Fees with Flexible Plans

Pricing in payment processing is one of the most complex of any industry.  TRC-Parus offered the lowest rates with no increases and no locked in contracts.

The Membership Plan gives access to wholesale interchange rates with no added costs for a fixed monthly fee. This is a first in Canada.

The Cost Plus Plan delivers honest pricing to dental offices of all sizes. With cost plus, you’ll pay one low fixed mark-up. This pricing model is the one recommended by the Canadian Code of Conduct.

The Payment Products Used

Link 2500 Payment Terminal with TRC-Parus

Credit Card Terminals​

Terminals allow swipe, tap, Apple Pay, or chip-and-pin payments. They can integrate into your business software and are available on low cost rental programs. ​
Full hosted payment page by TRC-Parus

Hosted Payment Page​

A hosted payment page is fully hosted by TRC-Parus that allows a consumer to add their contact information and credit card information to make a payment.​

New payment with virtual terminal by TRC-Parus

Virtual Terminal

No hardware needed. The virtual terminal lets you turn your computer into a credit card terminal. This is the fastest and easiest way to take payments.​
Virtual Terminal with credit card swiper

Virtual Terminal with Swiper​

An optional swiper plugs into your computer. Customers can swipe their credit card to increase speed, minimize contact, and lower interchange fees.​
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