Contactless Payment Options that Make Credit Card Checkout Safer

Contactless payments are safer with TRC-Parus

People are now expecting the checkout process to be touchless. The concerns of health, safety, and minimizing the transmission of disease are top of mind. Consumers want to minimize what they touch when shopping. This includes touching the credit card machines.  Thankfully there are several credit card processing options to bring touchless checkout experiences.

Contactless credit card machines

Most physical storefronts and mobile businesses that have in-person payments use some form of payment terminal. These payment terminals are generally a standalone unit but they could also be a mobile payment app for you mobile phone.

Most of the payment terminals that TRC-Parus offer are contactless. This means they use NFC (near field communication) technology to communicate with devices. Customers can checkout by hovering their credit card, mobile phone, or smart watch over the credit card terminal to initiate a transaction. Transaction are fast, convenient, and no contact.

Contactless credit card machines greatly reduce the risk of transmission and make payments much more comfortable for consumers.

Online payments, eCommerce, and curbside pickup

Moving online is all about remote and contactless payments. Online shopping has grown significantly over the past year. It has been estimated that online shopping advanced ten years of adoption in the past twelve months due to COVID. It is now hard to find someone that has not shopped online. Making online shopping a great experience is a big opportunity for businesses to grow, especially local businesses.

Clearly payments has full online shopping services to get businesses set up with eCommerce. One of the most popular ways to get online is to create a payment page on your WordPress website. This is fast, simple, and cost effective.

Virtual terminal for contactless payments

A virtual terminal is one of the fastest and most flexible ways to conduct credit card processing. The TRC-Parus virtual terminal works on any online device or computer through a web browser. You can enter a consumer’s credit card number and take a payment without any contact. A virtual terminal is frequently used to take credit card payments over the phone, however, it is also used for in-person payments.

The flexibility of a virtual terminal is significant because you can accept one-time or recurring payments. Your customers’ credit card information can be securely stored in the virtual terminal for future payments. This makes it ultra-convenient and safe for your customers.

Pricing for contactless payments

The pricing for contactless payments is similar to any other form of payments. TRC-Parus will ensure you get the lowest rates. Our mission is to drive down the cost for merchants to accept credit card payments. Contact us now to get started.


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