Generate revenue from payment processing

Generate revenue through payment processing by partnering with TRC-Parus

Payments is an industry that is evolving quickly. The rise of online and mobile shopping is one of the reasons for this rapid transformation. With this change, comes opportunity to generate revenue and create new forms of value for your customers. 

TRC-Parus has a partner platform for businesses to capitalize on payment processing. The partner program is built to be modular and flexible to work with businesses that either want to change their operations minimally or businesses that want to fully integrate their operations and technology. Overall, the partner program brings a new revenue stream through payment processing and also offers a better payment experience for customers.

Partner with TRC-Parus to generate revenue in payments

If your customers are businesses (not consumers), there is potential for you to generate revenue in payment processing while bringing them value at the same time. That’s why the TRC-Parus partner platform exists. 

In our partner program, you team with TRC-Parus to set up your business customers to process payments.  Once that is done, we share the revenue. It’s that simple. There are three primary areas of service in payment processing:

TRC-Parus provides all three levels of service to our customers. Over the years, we have become experts at it. We now allow our partners to benefit from that experience. In the partner program, there is complete flexibility for you to pick and choose the areas you want to incorporate into your business. 

A fast start program with a referral method

The partnership method with the least effort for you is to do a direct hand-off to TRC-Parus when you have a new customer. For example, if your customers are dentist offices, you would do a warm referral to a dedicated TRC-Parus representative. From there, TRC-Parus would onboard the dentist, provide 24/7 customer service, and handle all the required technology. In this scenario, TRC-Parus pays you a monthly residual for the total processing amount of your customers. As the processing amount of your customers grows, so does your revenue. With minimal effort and time, this model starts to generate payment processing revenue for you.

A custom program with deeper integration into payments

Some businesses want to become more involved in payment processing. This means directly providing more onboarding, customer service, or technology. In this model, TRC-Parus provides you with a much greater share of the payment processing revenue. We will guide you every step of the way to incorporate payment processing into your service.

The key motivations businesses have to take on more of these steps are 1) to generate a higher amount of revenue, and 2) to have more control of the customer experience. TRC-Parus gets that, so we make it easy to take on any part of the experience. We can even act as a backup if workloads become more than expected or you need assistance with a second level of support.

Some of the deeper partnerships have technical integrations into your software or hardware. This is primarily for businesses that build their own software or hardware products that they sell. TRC-Parus effectively helps bring point-of-sale functionality into your products.

Improve your customer experience in payments

A great customer experience is critical in today’s world of business. Customers have higher expectations and competitors are putting more effort to differentiate on user experience.

Part of the opportunity to partner with TRC-Parus is about creating a better user experience. If your customers are businesses and they need their own payment processing, you can certainly let them deal with payments on their own. That’s the old, fragmented model. It’s certainly simpler for you to let them handle it themselves, but that also opens the doors for your competitors to win them away from you.

The payment processing industry is a complex one. It takes time and research to figure it out. Forcing each of your customers to learn about the payment processing industry on their own is inefficient and painful. This is where you can provide a much better experience, getting a leg up on your competition.

We’ve seen that businesses who take the time to partner with TRC-Parus drastically improve the customer experience. They build a better experience for their customers and build a new revenue stream at the same time.

Partner with TRC-Parus to generate revenue and build a better customer experience.

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