Put more energy into opportunities, not problems

TRC-Parus is a values-driven company

One of our working principles is based on our belief that a successful company is opportunity-focused, not problem-focused. Opportunities produce results and growth. Problem-solving tends to prevent further harm to a business. We know we need to solve problems and do a good job at it. That’s a given. However, we should overall put more […]

Continually listen, learn, and teach

Listen, learn and teach is a TRC-Parus company value

We believe the most important unit of success in a company is learning. That’s right, it’s not revenue or profit or growth rate. We feel that when we deeply understand something, why it worked or didn’t work, we can apply that new knowledge to improve. If our company continually does that, we will be incredibly […]

You Inspire People by Doing Your Best

Working hard at your computer

Many things inspire people. And people are inspired by many different things. We get that. Characteristics like passion, empathy, and honesty are all inspiring. Those characteristics are important in business and life. However, above all, inspiration is born from people striving to do great work.  People are always watching you. They watch what you do […]

A Culture of Radical Transparency

What is radical transparency? When you start a company, an early decision you’ll want to make is how much information you are going to share with employees about the company’s strategy, challenges, and results. It’s easy to carry on without making this conscious decision, but it’s one of the most tangible decisions you can make […]

We’ll show you how much we make

TRC-Parus News

Accept credit cards with TRC-Parus and we’ll show you how much we make. We do that to keep us aligned with our mission which is to drive down the price of accepting payments. The breakdown that we will show is the amount the banks get and the amount that TRC-Parus gets. The remainder […]

Values vs Principles in Business

Values vs principles in business

It’s important to have both values and principles in your business. It allows you to build a strong culture and therefore wield the benefits of a strong culture: strong brand identity, gelled team, and consistent actions. We clearly state our values and principles to be transparent. So you know what you’re going to get. Values […]