Payments statistics: credit, debit, cash, checks, EFT…


You want to get an understanding of how people are paying for things. Here’s a set of stats to give you the lay of the land. All these numbers are approximate so take them with a grain of salt. 

Also remember, statistics can be easily skewed in many ways. To get a real picture of what is happening, you’ll need to take several about a subject matter and come up with your own conclusion on how to use them for your business.

  • The number of payment cards (debit and credit) globally is 15 billion
  • There are 885 million Visa credit cards in the world
  • There are 725 million MasterCard credit cards in the world
  • The average North American adult has 2.5 credit cards
  • The average credit card processing fee is 2%
  • USA merchants lose $190 billion a year to credit card fraud
  • 1 out of 15 consumers became victims of identity fraud
  • One new debit card is issued in the US every five seconds
  • Cash is used for about 30% of transactions in North America
  • Cash represents about 10% of the value of transactions
  • 11% of retail sales are eCommerce
  • There are around 32 million businesses in USA
  • There are about 2 million businesses in Canada
  • About 30% of all businesses are shell businesses (no operations)
  • About 33% of businesses accept credit cards
  • Less than 10% of payments use checks now
  • Average chargeback rates are below 1%


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